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LD715 Will END Maine Harness Racing

Please email the sponsors of the bill, the Leaders in both the House and the Senate, and the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee to let them know LD715 will end Maine Harness Racing. Please be polite and respectful, but let them know how the passage of the bill will harm you and the industries involved. Be sure to include a subject line that lets them know you are opposed to LD 715 because that will be visible in their inbox even if the email is never opened. Please ask your friends, family and anyone that you do business with to please send emails as well.

Senate President Troy Jackson

Senate Democratic Leader Nathan Libby

Senate Democratic  Assistant Eloise Vitelli

Senate Republican Leader Dana Dow

Senate Republican Assistant Jeffery Timberlake

Veterans Legal Affairs 

Senator Louis Luchini - - Chair

Senator Scott Cyrway 

Senator Erin Herbig

Representative John Schneck - - Chair 

Representative Kent Ackley 

Representative John Andrews 

Representative Janice Cooper 

Representative Josanne Dolloff 

Representative Sheldon Hanington 

Representative Craig Hickman 

Representative Brian Hubbell 

Representative Jay McCreight 

Representative Scott Strom 

Bill Sponsors: LD715

Rep. Handy 

Senator Chipman

Rep. Sylvester 

Sen. Luchini

Speaker of the House Honorable Sara Gideon 

House Majority Leader Matt W. Moonen

Assistant Majority leader Ryan Fecteau 

House Republican Leader Kathleen R. J. Dillingham 

House Assistant Republican Leader Harold Trey L. Stewart 

Maine Horsemen