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Tuesday Starters

Monticello 12:25 Post

R1-Smart N Articulate/Bo sowers

R5-Princess Kate/Bo Sowers

R6-Yoga Pants/Chris Petrelli

I Saw Red/Bo Sowers

R7-Simple Saver N/Bo Sowers

R8-Double Joy/Bo Sowers

Young American/Bo Sowers

R9-Love That Badlands/Bo Sowers

Northfield 6PM Post

R1-RollBack/Fred Ward JR.

Three New Dawns/Lexi Chadbourne

R7-Booyah Tj/Fred Ward JR.

R15-Sometimes Always/Fred Ward JR.

Pompano 7:20 Post

R2-DeValeria/Jim Dunn

R6-Jay Bees Grin N/Kelly Case

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