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LD715 Bad for Maine!!

Do you know what economic impact harness racing has on the State of Maine? Do you know how many small businesses are supported by the racing community?

Please share with the sponsor of LD715 and the VLA Committee how much your harness racing business puts back into the economy of Maine! As an industry in 2016 the cascade provided approximately $8.9 million to the entire harness racing industry. In return the industry generated roughly $57.5 million in total economic output to the state. LD715 isn't just bad for harness racing, its bad for the State of Maine!!! Please have all the small businesses that you support contact these legislators as well to them know how losing harness racing will effect their businesses.

Bill Sponsors: LD715

Rep. Handy

Veterans Legal Affairs

Senator Louis Luchini - - Chair

Senator Scott Cyrway

Senator Erin Herbig

Representative John Schneck - - Chair

Representative Kent Ackley

Representative John Andrews

Representative Janice Cooper

Representative Josanne Dolloff

Representative Sheldon Hanington

Representative Craig Hickman

Representative Brian Hubbell

Representative Jay McCreight

Representative Scott Strom

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