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Back on Track! Monday 3/11 Starters

Dover 4:30Post

R2-Magic Tricks/Leroy Jarman

Pop A Top Pop /Eddie Davis Jr.

R5-Rifle/Kevin Switzer

Monticello 12:50 Post

R2-Fifty Spender/Neal Grass

Love That Badlands/Bo Sowers

R3-Doc/Shane Taggart

R4-Proven To Be Bad/Shane Taggart

R5-Abc Crown Me Queen/Bo Sowers

R6-Poker Face/Bo Sowers

R7-Smart N Articulate/Bo Sowers

R8-Young American/Chris Petrelli

Double Joy/Bo Sowers

R9-Sweet Child Of Mine/Neal Grass

I Saw Red/Bo Sowers

R10-Tweedledtweedledum/Bo Sowers

Northfield 6Post

R5-Southwind Monty/Mike Hitchcock

R14-Sinner’s Prayer/Fred Ward

Pompano 7:20 Post

R6-Arsenal/Kelly Case

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