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Mid Week Fun! Wed Starters

Monticello 12:50 Post

R2-Histoire Eternelle/Chris Petrelli

R4-American Flight/Neal Grass

Baywood Shadow/Bo Sowers

R6- Penny’s Spirit/Bo Sowers

Dexter Jolt/Neal Grass

King Otra/Shane Taggert

R7-Primo Capitano/Chris Petrelli

Dover 4:30 Post

R13-Prayer Blue Chip/Eric Davis

Northfield 6pm Post

R4-Booyah Tj/Fred Ward Jr.

R7-Three New Dawns/Lexi Chadbourne

R8-Northern Sportsman/Mike Hitchcock

Rosecroft 6:40 Post

R10-Cherokee Ranger- Katie Flaherty

Pompano 7:20 Post

R5-Nathaniel/Jim Dunn

Photo of Nathaniel by Diane Dunn

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