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Upcoming Events

Achilles Blue Chip at Skowhegan

Mar. 1st5th- H.H.I. Annual Meeting Deerfield Beach, FL

Mar. 11thMaine Agricultural Day, Hall of Flags, State Capitol Augusta, 9am

Mar. 11thNext MHHA Board Meeting, 5pm

Mar. 20thSpring arrives!

Mar. 28thOpening Day at Scarborough Downs 4pm!!

Maine Legislature

The Maine Legislature returned to Augusta the first week of January. The last month or so most events have centered on members having bills drafted and referred to their appropriate committee. Many committees have been holding informational sessions to better understand their committee’s areas of jurisdiction and the agencies they will be dealing with for the next two years. With an exceptionally large freshman class of legislators, this has been an important task.

Public hearings have just started to get into full swing. Not unexpectedly, our main focus will be monitoring the Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry Committee (ACF) and especially the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee (VLA). More...

Find your state senator/representative

CLICK HERE To find the name of your State Representative or State Senator.

Achilles Blue Chip sets new track and Maine state record!

The winning time of 1:51.4 eclipsed the previous record of 1:52.3, set in 2010 by Rodeo Du Ruisseau. Joe Trice purchased the horse several weeks ago to race in the Paul Bunyan Invitational at Bangor Raceway. “I bought him off a friend of mine for that big race in Bangor. He ended up being sick, and…actually dislocating his pelvis, so I had a chiropractor (Dr. Dave Jeffers) work on him a couple weeks ago”, driver-trainer Cushing commented. Read the entire press release.

Total fair income from harness racing for Maine's 25 agricultural fairs since 2005 is over 10 million dollars.

Maine Harness Racing Industry Statement for Expansion of Gaming in Southern Maine

Since Greyhound set a world trotting mark at the Kite Track in Old Orchard Beach in 1939, harness racing has had a long and storied history in Maine.  With this committee’s assistance our industry would like to continue that time honored tradition.  Harness racing preserves open farmland and contributes millions of dollars to the economy, supporting Mainers who are both directly and indirectly involved in the industry. 

View the entire article...

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