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Ld715 Public Hearing 3/6 at 9:15AM Room 437 State House

Good Afternoon,

Maine Harness Racing is under attack! I want to challenge you All to reach out to your fellow horsemen and women and express to them the importance of them being at the State House for the public hearing on LD715. March 6th 9:15 AM, room 437. They will need to go through security so please be there early.  It's going to take EVERYONE showing up to kill this bill. If they are in Maine they need to be at the State House. I'm also asking you to get vendors that you deal with to show up as well. It may not seem important, but these legislators have to know the huge economic impact LD715 will have on harness racing and the State. 
Please keep emailing and have your friends and family email too. 

Bill Sponsors: LD715

Rep. Handy   

Veterans Legal Affairs  

Senator Louis Luchini - -  Chair

Senator Scott Cyrway  

Senator Erin Herbig    

Representative John Schneck - -  Chair   

Representative Kent Ackley      

Representative John Andrews    

Representative Janice  Cooper      

Representative Josanne  Dolloff       

Representative Sheldon  Hanington 

Representative Craig Hickman   

Representative  Brian Hubbell       

Representative  Jay McCreight       

Representative  Scott Strom 

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