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Public Hearing March 6th 9:15AM Maine State House Room 437

To all of the Harness Racing Industry,

It’s just 1 week away!!! Please prepare to be at the State House in Augusta at 8:30 on the 6th. We need to make a statement by showing up in HUGE numbers.  After morning chores, grab your friends and head to Augusta. There can be no more important event if you are involved in harness racing. If LD 715 is passed as written, it will mean an end to racing in Maine as we know it.

I want to convey on how proud I have been of the industries members of the past couple of weeks. You have responded in a powerful fashion by emailing the Maine Legislature.  So many have stepped forward, including fair directors, OTB owners, breeders, race officials and of course the Maine Harness Racing Family.

It is imperative that we continue this effort with intensity over the next week. Continue your emails and phone calls to the VLA committee members, early and often right up until the 6th. You’re doing great folks. Keep up the good work.

See you all at the State House March 6th!!!


Maine Horsemen